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Enrich Your Understranding of Science & the Light

– Youth Education activity of OSA Student Chapter at ZJU

On Jan. 1st 2015, the OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University organized a communication activity with teachers and students in Changhe Senior High School (http://www.hzchgz.cn/) located in the outskirts of Hangzhou city, aiming at sharing the studying experience and life in high school and the university, meanwhile give them an introduction to the Optical Engineering and basic optical knowledge. Twenty of us arrived at the school at 2:30 p.m. We have a meeting first to assign our members to different classes.

IMG_0922(Members are being trained to communicate with high school students)

The whole activity was divided into two parts. One was a psychological training program which was a new part this year, and the other was in-class lectures focusing on two different topics. One of the topic was to share the study experience and information of Optical Engineering and the other was concentrated on the psychological health, including teaching them to reduce the pressure during the study and examination, which is also a new topic this year.

During the psychological training activity, we had a training program to reduce the pressure during the preparation of coming College Entrance Examination, meanwhile increase their energy and concentration. Two students were picked up from every class and were divided into 4 groups. After an interactive game, everyone joined in and our members got familiar with each other immediately. Then, the students were encourage to give a talk about how to prepare for the College Entrance Examination at the subject which they were good at. At last, we give some demonstrative experiment of optics using optical suitcase, in which students had been excited from the interesting phenomena. Xiaoyan Wang, the former president of OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University, together with Borui Li, another member of OSA, distributed the equipments in the optical suitcase to the students. With the help of equipment, they explained the polarization, dispersion, diffraction of light to these high school students. Everyone was attracted by the interesting experiment and their vivid explanation. They were not willing to leave even when the time was up, so that the activity was extend for extra 20 minutes.

IMG_0986 IMG_1091(The participants were joining in the interactive game to get familiar with each other. The participants were attracted by the optical experiments)

IMG_1111(The group photo of the participants in the psychological training activity)

For the in-class lectures, our members were distributed to each class. We did not determine the content of the lecture, require members to concentrate on the topics we had mentioned above. As an example, Xiong Yang mainly introduced to these students about the colorful life in the university, in order to encourage the students to work hard and get enrolled by their dream universities. Shipeng Wang focused on his own experience during the study in high school. He suggested that students should not only engage themselves in the sea of examination papers, but also summarize and introspect themselves immediately after the exams. Keqi Ma and Penghao Liu introduced the optical knowledge and the Optical Engineering which we majored in to the students. There was a Q. & A. session after each lecture. Students from Changhe High School were so eager to ask all kinds of questions from the study in high schools and life in universities that some of our members even missed our time of gathering.

IMG_1006 IMG_1030(Wanrong Ding was giving a lecture on psychological health)

IMG_1075 1(Xiong Yang was talking about the life in university and Keqi Ma was explaining the periodic table of elements)

Through this activity for the Changhe Senior High School, the students had expanded their horizons, particularly in the Optical Engineering. They were highly encouraged to work hard for the coming University Entrance Examination, and were taught methods to solve the problems and overcome the problems they might met in the future. Our members also established the contact with the students, so that the students can get help after the activity was over. We are looking forward to cooperate with the members at Changhe Senior High School next time.

Every student in Changhe Senior High participated in the activity were asked to fill in a questionnaire to give a feedback to our activity. Almost every student was satisfied with our activity and was willing take part in again. More results of the questionnaire will be shown on our website.


(The group photo of the participants from Zhejiang University and a teacher from Changhe Senior High School)

Article by Ming Zhang (zhangming@coer-zju.org) &
Hao Wu (leowu@zju.edu.cn

Photo by Jingwei Li (lijingwei@coer-zju.org)

Lights up hope & Enrich Understanding of science

— Youth Educations activity of OSA Student Chapter at Zhejiang University

July 4, OSA and IEEE student chapters at Zhejiang University, doctoral student Party branch of Center for Optical and Electromagnetic Research (COER), the Swedish undergraduate exchange students and the students from Changhe high located far from Zhejiang University jointly organized the second youth educations activity named “Lights up hope & Enrich understanding of science”. This is cooperation after a series of activities such as science camp activities sponsored by OSA Chapter at ZJU last June, members visited Changhe High School, and shared with graduating students face to face last December. The public welfare activity aims to disseminate knowledge of optics, and inspire high school students of scientific dreams, which is another pace at the public road of our chapter. This activity also provides an opportunity for members close contact with the optical manufacturing and processing enterprises scene, processes, operation mode, promote understanding and awareness of the optical industry

1(A group photo of the students from Changhe High School)

In order to practice public welfare and provide a favorable help to young people, our chapter has established close links with Changhe High School. The high school students have visited our center twice, we also are invited to visit the high school, through the sharing of the university entrance examination experiences, and research, other cognitive aspects of life to help high school graduating students a better understanding of themselves, and relieve stress, build confidence.

9:00 a.m., nearly eighty high school students with their teachers from Changhe High School arrived our Zhejiang University, Zijingang Campus by bus. The East BLDG #5 hanged the banners writing “Warm welcome to guests from Changhe High School” in both English and Chinese. Our members led the teenagers into the main venue of in building #5, and distributed everyone luncheon voucher, souvenir pen and notebook with the words of Zhejiang University and mineral water.

2(A glimpse of the welcome party)


Firstly, the host Pengfei Kou gave a welcoming speech and the Party branch secretary Qiangsheng Huang briefly described the developments of Optical Engineering Department and COER. Then Mr. Chen from Changhe School expressed their thanks to our chapter, and made a brief review of the close relationships between the two schools. There is an interesting part that two Swedish exchange student Donniel introduced their different life in the Swedish high school, taught Swedish and answers student’s various questions. With Emil and Donniel singing Swedish songs, the atmosphere reached a climax. Subsequently, Senlin Zhang introduced specific circumstances of optical engineering and optical communications as well as our center’s study fields, by the help of PPT. After, Pengfei Kou representing COER gave Changhe School crystal gifts, engraved with the Changhe High School, Zhejiang University, COER, IEEE and OSA logos.

4(The vice Chairman Senlin Zhang is introducing the labs)

Following there is the main activity areas – visit laboratories. OSA Zhejiang University chapter members were divided into six groups and led the high school students visited the Clean Room, Microwave Photonics Laboratory, Laser Lab, Bio photonics Lab and Laser Spectroscopy Lab. The all experiments and stories were introduced in interesting way and the explanation was adaptive to the understanding of the teenagers. Rainbow phenomenon by the prism, alternate change for brightness and darkness by the polarizers, and such experiments were carefully designed and explained to the teenagers appropriately. They were also encouraged to do what they are fancy with. As a good circumstance, the senior students asked questions actively, and participated in discussions.

569(Members are explaining experiments and stories)

After lunch, we organized all participants to visit optical communications industry in Hangzhou. In Fuchun Optical Communications Industry Park, fiber process of packaging, coloring and testing were shown. In another Focused Photonics (Hangzhou), students understood not only a variety of environmental monitoring instruments and technology, but also the company’s operating mode. Through these two photoelectric company visit, further contacts and understanding of the optoelectronic industry were achieved. At 4:00 p.m., We and the students returned to school respective.

78(The high school students, Swedish undergraduate exchange and our members are visiting optical communications industry)

The second public welfare activities focusing on teenagers’ education held successfully with OSA & IEEE members together. As a good consequence, we have made friends with the teenagers, and made a good relationship with Changhe High school. Through this activity, OSA student Chapter at Zhejiang University serves the society in the new form of knowledge and skills. We have the faith to continue going further popularization of science among young people.

10(A group photo for part of the high school students and members of our chapter in Focused Photonics Company)

Article is by Hongyan Liu (liuhongyan@coer-zju.org)

Photos are by Yuguang Zhang (zhangyuguang@coer-zju.org)