1. Construction of the organization
  • The chapter, which belongs to the Optical Society of America, is an organization among students in Zhejiang University. Instructions and assistances can be obtained from OSA and the running conditions of the chapter shall be reported regularly. The members are students from all the university and one of the most important aims of the chapter is to serve these members.
  • Established in 2007, we now have 43 members and the adviser is prof. Jianjun He. The main managers of the organization are as follows:

President: Hao Wu (
Vice-president: Xiaoman Shen (
Treasurer: Ying Li (
Secretary: Ming Zhang (

2. About the members

  1. To become a member of the organization, one should register the OSA student member. (For further information, click Join us)
  1. Not only the entitlements of the OSA student member can be enjoyed, the member of our organization can also take part in various international conferences with support from the chapter. Besides, the activities of the organization are also preferential to all the members.
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