OSA youth education in “Youth Family”

On Jan. 17th 2016, the OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University organized a communication activity with teachers and students in a public welfare organization named “Youth Family”, located in the Hangzhou City, to help kids left behind. Aiming at arousing their interest in study, we gave them an introduction to some basic optical knowledge. Members of our chapter arrived at the school at 1:30 p.m. And then, we prepared for the class for about half an hour. The class began at 2:00 p.m. and gathered about ten students and seven volunteers.

(Participants attended this activity and show interest in our topic)

In the whole afternoon, one lecture focused on the topic called Interesting Optics. The aim of this activity is to teach them something about simple optical phenomena and develop the interest in optics.

During the class, Jingye Chen, members of OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University, gave them a class about the topic mentioned above. Xiaoman Shen, the former chairman of OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University; Hao Wu, Jiang Li, Jing Jia, members of OSA, guided them to do some demonstrative experiment of optics using optical suitcase.

(Members of our chapter and volunteers done experiments with these kids)

Firstly, they show the suitcase to these kids and make them do these experiments by themselves. Then, with the help of our members and volunteers, kids saw the surprising phenomena. At last, our members tried to ask more questions to make these kids think about the causes and make all of the kids participate in it. Some of kids raised their hands actively and answered questions perfectly, in which students had been excited from the interesting phenomena of experiment. To our surprise, three of the students understood the regularity and theory of polarization in the class.

(Students answered teacher’s questions and kids explained their opinions in the platform)

Time flew, though kids were immersed in the interesting experiments have not seen before. We gave all of them experiment equipment of the optical suitcase as a keepsake after class. These kids who answered questions well received gifts prepared for them.

Through this activity, the kids had expanded their horizons, particularly about optics. They were highly encouraged to have experiment on their own, and were taught how to solve the problems they might meet in the future. Our members establish the contact with the organizers, so that we can help more students after this activity.

(Photos of the members of OSA and social volunteers with the kids)

Tired but happy, members of the OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University took part in the activity. They all felt activity like this make sense and wanted to join it again. We are looking forward to cooperate with the volunteers of Youth Family in the future and warm up more children left behind.


Article by Jingye Chen (jingye@zju.edu.cn)

Photos by Hao Wu (leowu@zju.edu.cn) &

Xiaoman Shen (shxm@zju.edu.cn)