OSA Fellow Lecture from Dr. Cun-Zheng Ning to OSA Student Chapter at Zhejiang University

On Dec. 4 2013, OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University was so honored to have Dr. Cun-Zheng Ning, one extraordinary researcher in nanolaser realm, gave a friendly visit to our Centre of Electromagnetic and Optical Research. At 9 o’clock, our Prof. Sailing He led Dr. Ning to visit our laboratories and exchanged the research points. Following, Dr. Ning gave an excellent lecture to our OSA student chapter as part of the OSA Traveling Lecture. Members of our chapter and the researchers here were present at the seminar.

Ning_Travelling lecture_2

At the beginning of the workshop, our president, Lin Yang, briefly introduced the research experience and outstanding works of Dr. Ning. Thereafter, Dr. Ning simply came straight to the point of the reasons why scientists endeavor in the research of nanolasers. Some applications and priorities to common lasers were enumerated by Dr. Ning followed by the roadmap and physical mechanism of the nanolasers utilizing metallic cavity. The goals of designing nanolasers were listed and the subsequent parts of the presentation were all about the arduous efforts to realize nanolasers with continuous wave operated in room temperature under electrical injection.

In the FAQs section, Prof. Sailing He and Prof. Daoxin Dai had an interaction with Dr. Ning about the physical limits of the nanolasers’ performance. Other issues, such as implementing nanolasers in visible wavelength and the idea substituting heavily doped semiconductors for metal, were raised by our members subsequently. Dr. Ning discussed and answerd questions patiently.

Both the mentors and our student members benefit a lot from the discourse of Dr. Ning and we do yearn for more such traveling lectures from OSA.

Ning_Travelling lecture_1

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