Optics into Primary School

On Dec. 17th 2015, the OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University organized a communicating activity with teachers and students of Chaoshan Centre Primary School located in the suburb of Yuhang District, Hangzhou,China, aiming to warm them up in the winter and arouse their interest in science. At the same time, we gave them an introduction of some basic optical knowledge. Twenty of our members took part in it.

The class began at 9:30 a.m. There were about 75 students attending our activity.


                                   (the class is in session

From morning to the afternoon, three lectures were reported in the class focusing on two different topics. One of the topics was to teach them some optical phenomena and the other one focused on the psychological health, including teaching them to firm in spirit and try their best to work hard.

During the first class, Weixi Liu and Huifang Chen, members of our OSA student chapter, gave them a class about the first topic mentioned above. They explained some basic optical phenomena to them, such as pin-hole imaging and mirage. They tried to ask more questions to make all of the students participate in the class. Most of the students raised their hands and answered these questions perfectly. At last, Jiang Li, the vice president of OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University; Jingye Chen, Jing Jia and Jingguang Tong, officers of our chapter, guided them to do some demonstrative experiment of optics using optical suitcase, and the students were excited to learn a lot from the interesting phenomena. To our surprise, one of the students found the explanation of polarization experiment in the class. All of the students were immersed in the interesting experiment. We gave them pieces of polarizers as a keepsake after class.



(Two of our members were explaining the optical phenomena)


(One of our members were guiding the kids to use polarizers)

As regards the second topic in this activity, members from Institute of Optical Inertia, the joint organizer of this activity, gave these students a psychological training lecture about dreams. When asked what dreams they have, these students spoke out their dreams confirmedly. One student stood up firstly, and said, “I want to study optics in the future.” What a surprise! We were so happy to hear this voice coming from a little boy. Finally, we told them an inspiring story of an Australian person, Nick Vujicic, to encourage them and build up their confidence in life and study.

Through the whole activity, the students had expanded their horizons, particularly in the optics science. They were highly encouraged to have a dream and work hard, and were taught methods to solve the problems and overcome the problems they might meet in the future. Our members established the contact with the students, so that the students could get help after this activity. We are looking forward to cooperating with the teachers and students next time.


(The group photos of the members of OSA and joint organizers with the kids)

Happily and actively, students from Chaoshan Central Primary School participated in the activity. We were expecting to talk and share with them next time.


(Scene of Chaoshan Central Primary School and our members)


Article by Jingye Chen (jaychen2014@126.com)

Photos by Jiang Li (lijiangcoer@zju.edu.cn)&

Jing Jia (Jiajing@coer-zju.org)




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