Make Your Presentation More Attractive

–Sharing session of OSA Student Chapter at ZJU

Making presentation is an essential and necessary skill in our study and work area. As a useful tool, PowerPoint prepared meticulously can show our ideas better to the audience. Along with more members attending academic conference presentations, to help them do better, the OSA Student Chapter at Zhejiang University held “the Sharing of PPT Design” on June 21st, 2014, in our research center.

As the invited guest, Dr. Hongze Lin once studied in the “Studio of Design and Innovation”, which was launch in December 2008 by Kezhen Zhu department of Zhejiang University, and recruit only 40 students each year. Dr. Hongze Lin have a deeper involvement in PPT organize and design.

1(A group photo of all the attendees for the sharing session)

At 2:00 p.m., the sharing session began. “Designing is a simple thing.” At the beginning, Dr. Hongze Lin actually set a relaxing tone for the entire presentation. He introduced the experience from several aspects: examples for front cover; the use of plate; the font & color. In each aspect, he expressed his own insights and illustrated his past PPT work. At last, he recommended us some books & websites, and encourage us to abandon the template, try more other styles, and finally find our own feelings. In the next Q&A section, Dr. Hongze Lin communicated patiently with other members.

21(Dr. Hongze Lin was answering the questions)

After the session, many members said benefit a lot from the sharing, and look forward to more activities related to the study and research. We chapter will do our best to give more chances to capable members to show themselves and also help others among our chapter, or more widely range.

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