Lights up hope & Enrich Understanding of science

– Youth Educations activity of OSA Student Chapter at ZJU

Aiming at spread optical scientific knowledge & stimulate teenagers’ interest, on July 7, OSA and SPIE student chapters at Zhejiang University, the Swedish undergraduate exchange students and the students from Changhe High School located far from Zhejiang University jointly organized the third youth educations activity named “Lights up hope & Enrich understanding of science”.

This is cooperation after a series of activities such as science camp activities sponsored by OSA Chapter in ZJU last July; members visited Changhe High School, and shared with graduating students face to face last December. The public welfare activity aims to disseminate knowledge of optics, and inspire high school students of scientific dreams, which is another pace at the public road of our chapter. This activity also provides an opportunity for members close contact with the optical manufacturing and processing enterprises scene, processes, operation mode, promote understanding and awareness of the optical industry.

1(A group photo of the students from Changhe High School)

Through last two years’ cooperation, the camping activity was highly estimated among the high school students and their teachers, so more participants came to our school this time. All the volunteers from our chapter held a meeting to arrange the timing and staffing duties. The meeting lasted for one hours. On July 7, 8:30 a.m., nearly ninety high school students with their teachers from Changhe High School arrived our Zhejiang University, Zijingang Campus by bus. The East BLDG #5 hanged the banners writing “Warm welcome to guests from Changhe High School” in both English and Chinese. Our members led the teenagers into the main venue in building #5, and distributed everyone luncheon voucher, souvenir pen and notebook with the words of Zhejiang University and mineral water.

2(A glimpse of the welcome party)

Firstly, Mr. Chen from Changhe School expressed their thanks to our chapter, and made a brief review of the close relationships between the two schools. He encouraged the teenagers being more active in giving feedback. Subsequently, the host Senlin Zhang gave a welcoming speech and briefly introduced activity process as well as the research contents of opening laboratory. Then Dr. Pengfei Kou gave a brief science knowledge introduction, about “Develop novel solar energy and drive the future life”. There is an interesting part that two Swedish student from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), who are going on a research summer camp here. Robert introduced their different life in the Swedish high school. “Are your homework assignments in high school too heavy?”, ”What kinds of activities and communities can you participate in your university?” Such questions attracted these high school students’ attention.

Following is visiting laboratories. The volunteers of OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University were divided into six groups and led the high school students visited the Clean Room, Network Lab, Grating Lab Laser Lab, Bio photonics Lab and Laser Spectroscopy Lab. The all experiments and stories were introduced in interesting way and the explanation was adaptive to the understanding of the teenagers. Rainbow phenomenon by the prism, alternate change for brightness and darkness by the polarizers, and such experiments were carefully designed and explained to the teenagers appropriately. They were also encouraged to do what they are fancy with. As a good circumstance, the senior students asked questions actively, and participated in discussions.

3 4(Members are explaining experiments)

5 6(High School Students Show Great Interests)

After lunch they were taken to walk-around in the campus. Many of them wondered the contents different subjects studying. Then we set off for a visit to the Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co. Ltd. along with the students from KTH. The officers of the company gave us a warm welcome.

An engineer from Hangzhou Silan Integrated Circuits Co. Ltd. gave a report about the integrated circuits fabrication. First of all, he briefly introduced the fundamental knowledge of the semiconductor chips. Then, he presented the current manufacture level of the Silan Integrated Circuts Co. Ltd. Finally, a video about the standard CMOS production process was shown to make the students better understand the integrated circuits industry.

Next, an engineer from Hangzhou Silan Azure Co. Ltd. gave us a report about the LED products of the company. First of all, he introduced their fabrications from the LED arrays at the Tiananmen Square to the LED lights used on many occasions. Secondly, a brief fabrication process of LED was showed. Finally, he made an outlook about the future development of the LED manufacturing industry and LED markets.

After a whole afternoon visit, we returned to school by bus. We had a better understanding about the integrated circuits and LEDs, attributing to this activity.

7(The high school students, Swedish undergraduates and our members are visiting optical communications industry)

8(A group photo for part of the high school students and members of our chapter in Silan Microelectronics Co. Ltd)

The activities focusing on teenagers’ education held successfully with OSA & SPIE members together. As a good consequence, we have made friends with the teenagers, and made a good relationship with Changhe High school. Through this activity, OSA student Chapter at Zhejiang University serves the society in the new form of knowledge and skills. We have the faith to continue going further popularization of science among young people.

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Hao Wu (
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