Liangzhu Activity held in Liangzhu, Hangzhou

The fellowship between the Student Chapter of the OSA and the undergraduates from tourism management is held on last Saturday, Oct. 27th. Everyone spent a meaningful and joyful day in Liangzhu, Hangzhou.

The students arrived at the Liangzhu Museum in the early morning, where an enthusiastic volunteer gave us a warm reception. Then she showed us the main collections of this museum and plenty of the detailed information of Liangzhu lying in these antiques. Through her introduction, the students got a better understand of the historic town of Liangzhu and its splendent culture. We realized that both the sculpture and manufacture were advanced long long ago in Liangzhu, the achievements of which are even difficult to accomplish today with modern technology.

Soon after the visit of the museum, we went to the Yeluwan manor for outdoor activity at about 12:00pm. A barbecue was done by ourselves for the lunch, which consist of various meat and vegetables. The students were divided into several groups to prepare their food and tools to barbecue the materials purchased by the organizers. Through the final baked food might not be so delicious than we ate before in the restaurants, everyone were content with what they and their partners cooked. By the way, the full procedure of the barbecue was filled with rejoicings since some students had never barbecued before.
The real counter-strike was held as the last activity of this association. Split up into two groups were all the present students to fight against, i.e., everyone was equipped with a fake gun to shoot the enemies and the group with the more persons alive shall be the victor. The team cooperation for the group was emphasized during this virtual war. All the students went back to the school after this game at 5:00pm or so.

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