Dr. Liang’s Lecture – Si Photonics for Data Centers and Beyond

Dr. Liang’s Lecture – Si Photonics for Data Centers and Beyond

– OSA Traveling Lecture at student chapter at Zhejiang University

On Nov.  2015, OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University was honored to invite  Di Liang, a research scientist at Hewlett Packard Labs, to have a friendly visit to our Centre of Optical and Electromagnetic Research through the OSA traveling lecture program. At 9:30 a.m., Dr. Liang gave a remarkable lecture entitled “Si Photonics for Data Centers and Beyond”. Members in our student chapter together with the researchers here were present at the seminar. Through the Traveling Lecture, we all benefited a lot from the academic research as well as the industry development.


(Dr. Liang from Hewlett Packard Labs is beginning his report)

To start with the seminar, Hao Wu, president of our student chapter, briefly introduced the research experience and outstanding achievements of Dr. Liang. Afterwards, Dr. Liang gave a detailed talk about the work on Si photonics interconnects for HP data centers. The overall effort and the roadmap of Hewlett Packard Labs on Si photonics were reviewed. Key components in the Si photonics link, including hybrid microring lasers, Si microring modulators, hybrid Si photodectors and SiGe APDs, were introduced and discussed in details. To sum up, Dr. Liang generalized not only technical obstacles but also market outlook about Si photonics interconnects.


(A group photo of discussion during FAQs section:Dr. Liang is sharing his opinions)

In the FAQs section, Prof. Shiming Gao and Assoc. Prof. Yaocheng Shi discussed with Dr. Liang about the most promising bonding technology with silicon. Futher in-depth discussions in free bonding were followed. Members in our student chapter took an active part in this section and concerned about the commercial applications and development. Dr. Liang discussed it according to current nanofabrication and hybrid bonding technology from the perspective of a research scientist at HP Labs.


(A group photo of Dr. Liang, Assoc. Prof. Shi and part of the attendees in our student chapter)

The Traveling Lecture from OSA did broaden our horizon and advance us to higher research level. Our student chapter are looking forward to the next Traveling Lecture.

Article by Jing Jia (jiajing_tju@163.com)

Photos by Xiaoman Shen (shxm@zju.edu.cn) and Jingwei Li (lijingwei@coer-zju.org)

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