Current Status of the Chapter & Increase of membership

The OSA Student Chapter in Zhejiang University (OSA@ZJU) is located in COER (Centre for Optical and Electromagnetic Research, Department of optical engineering, Zhejiang University, China), an international lab aiming to research the frontiers in optics and photonics. Members here are all enthusiastic students from
all around the university, majoring in optics, photonics, physics and chemistry. They are committed to passing the “light” to the next youth generation, developing the OSA’s influence in China, and “light” everyone’s life and the world!

Period from the October 2012 to the March 2013 has witnessed the unprecedentedly amazing development of the chapter. Some remarkable data and pictures below should be remembered:
● The influence of chapter got a further step. The members have been increasing from 22 to 42 during this period, which means the rate of increase is almost 100%!

attachment 10—photo for most of the chapter members(A photo for part of the members in the autumn 2012 with our flag)

● We have our own logo, item with our logo, video in the YouTube; and the T-shirt with the logo and our own website are on the way to be produced and will be opened in this March!OSA logo_Larger

(logo—the chapter acts as a magnifier for OSA’s faith)

attachment 7—chapter logo item(badges and pockets) attachment 6—flyer and poster for recruitment 2013(Left: badges and pockets with the chapter’s logo;
Right: a poster for the recruitment for new members this year)

● We have organized several professional activities, and participated in many international conferences, such as ACP, IONS-ASIA, etc. Our members enthusiastically throw themselves into youth education for high school students with difficulties.
● The chapter has built a long-time connection with OSA student chapters in other universities, such as Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and South China Normal University, and also, with the SPIE and IEEE student chapters in Zhejiang University

attachment 8—Meeting of OSA Student Chapters in south China(A photo of meeting of OSA Student Chapters in south China)

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