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Join OSA and Illuminate Your Future

 –Chapter Promotion and Recruitment Event

In order to promote our chapter and attract more new members, we held a spring out. We chose LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA in Shanghai as our destination to attract more freshmen major in optical engineering, since most of them are quite interesting in this exhibition. Meanwhile, we could visit the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIOM) and build our networking with the OSA student chapter at SIOM.

March 17, 2015, 11 members of the student chapter of the Optical Society of America (OSA) at Zhejiang University travelled to Shanghai to visit the LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA and SIOM.

IMG_8825(Group photo at the gate of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA)

LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center March 17-19. As Asia’s largest laser, optics, optoelectronics industry event, from basic research to industrial applications, LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA lead the industrial trends, showcasing the full range of product, including lasers and photonics, optics and optical manufacturing, laser production and processing technologies, imaging, detection, and quality control. The exhibition attracted 715 exhibitors from 20 countries worldwide, showing their latest products, technologies and equipment.

IMG_8841 IMG_8839
(Members at the exhibition hall)

As soon as the members stepped into the exhibition hall, they were attracted by all sorts of the exhibitions on display. In conventional optical exhibition, machine vision is undoubtedly a popular theme, which is usually used for production control and testing. The workshop on Machine Vision attracted a large number of participants. In laser and laser processing exhibition, all kinds of lasers, such as ultrafast lasers, high-power lasers, fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers, made the members appreciate the rapid development of laser industry. What the students saw gave them a more clear and comprehensive understanding of the practical applications of optoelectronic industry, which means a lot for their future research work.

(Members wandering at the Bund)

March 18, the members came to SIOM. Leading by the president of OSA student chapter at SIOM, we visited the Laboratory, which focuses on the Shenzhou Ⅱ project. They are now building the ninth laser road to enhance the power, which is important for fusion reaction. During the visit, some members communicated their ideas with the president of OSA chapter at SIOM in depth.

We came back to Hangzhou in the afternoon of March 18. This visit to Shanghai broadened our horizon of the optical technology and industry, also gave us a chance to get in touch with the research of SIOM.

Through this activity, we attracted 11 more new members to our chapter. Additionally, we met with the OSA student chapter at SIOM and exchange our experience in holding activities.

IMG_8919IMG_8939 IMG_8922
(Members visiting SIOM)

Article is by Xiaoman Shen (
Photos are by Hao Wu (

Focus on Micro-nano Photonics

– Academic Visit to Nanjing of OSA Stu. Chapter at ZJU

During 28th July and 1st Aug. 2013, although Hangzhou was intolerable warm, our students were still full of enthusiasm. Optical Society of America (OSA) at Zhejiang University Student Chapter organized the “Nanjing academic visit” activities, and 27 members from our chapter participated actively. As one of the few invited groups by College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Engineering quantum electronics and optics at Nanjing University (NJU), OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University (ZJU) participated “Micro-Nano Photonics and Applications” in 2013 National Doctoral Forum organized by Nanjing University, and organized friendly joint with OSA student chapter at NJU. The event mainly aimed to provide an academic exchange platform high-level and wide-ranging for the participants, broaden academic horizons and stimulate creative thinking, which totally encourage members to make more influential scientific researches as soon as possible.

1(A group photo for all the attendees for the forum)

With the arrangement of the previous day, at 9:00 a.m. on the 28th, 27 members from Center for Optical and Electromagnetic Research of ZJU congregated and took a group photo at East BLDG #5, Zijingang Campus, and then went to Hangzhou East Railway Station together. Along the way we felt very excited, the bus is also unimpeded. Through precise calculation by the President, an hour’s drive guaranteed the smooth arrival. We took the recently opened G7670 train to Nanjing. At 2:00 p.m., under the leadership of the President of OSA Student Chapter at Nanjing University, we went straight to the Gulou Campus, and registered for the conference, made accommodation, all arranged by the organizers in perfect order.

2 3(Up: a group photo for part of the members starting from Hangzhou Down: Arrived in Gulou Campus at Nanjing University)

On 28th night, according to the arrangements, we visited the National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures (NLSSM) of NJU. NLSSM was established in 1984, among the first group of state key laboratories established in China. As a fundamental research laboratory, the missions of NLSSM are to design and fabricate new artificial microstructured materials via designing and tailoring the energy band structures in reciprocal space, find out new macroscopic and microscopic quantum effects and principles, develop new theories and methodology based on quantum physics, and endeavor to meet the scientific challenges and technological requirements encountered in the post-Moore era and the post-petroleum era. The host organized graduates familiar with the laboratory to do a detailed introduction. The laboratory published in “Nature” published for the first time, to achieve a breakthrough, followed by three papers in “Science”. From 2000 to 2005, great progress has been made with 37 papers in “Phys. Rev. Lett.”. We impressed greatly with these statistics, and made up our mind to pursue greater breakthroughs. The visit lasted about two hours, and we learned a lot, from a broad selection of academic orientation to specific experimental study.

4(A researcher from NJU was introducing to our members)


“Micro-Nano Photonics and Applications” Doctoral Forum was officially opened in 29th. As invited guests, the main tasks of our participants were including two parts: make a report and listening to reports. Report was relatively easy and pleasant to listen to, you can understand, or completely do not understand, but should be active to ask questions. How much you learnt depended on your knowledge acquired and reporter’s speech skills.

The forum invited Prof. Zhang Xiang from the American Academy of Engineering, Prof. Xiao Min from Nanjing University, Yuan Xiaocong from Nankai University Professor, Prof. Zhou Zhiping from Peking University, Prof. Tong Limin from Zhejiang University, Prof. Li Zhiyuan from Chinese Institute of Physics, Prof. Xu Hongxing from Wuhan University. This day, the celebrity’s report was the highlight of this trip, and a full day’s reports were spiritual feast. In particular, Berkeley Prof. Zhang Xiang, was as famous as his technique: negative refraction – “invisibility cloak”. And Prof Zhang team’s development model and research areas were both related to our team, which attracted most our members. Prof. Zhang had been committed to the preparation of micro-nano structure, characterization and physical device design; the ultra-structural material, surface plasmon laser science, optical frequency conversion optics and other areas. He developed the first surplus lens, whose resolution of optical imaging was beyond the diffraction limit for the first time. His research group made prominent contributions in the field of micro-and nano photonics. We were impressed and inspired by his innovative thinking, rigorous and in-depth theoretical analysis, which set our team a good academic example.

5(Prof. Zhang Xiang from UC Berkeley is reporting)

In the evening of July 29th, a grand workshop was organized. The invited professors are not only giants on scientific research, but also some international journal editors and life guide. The most difficult in life was to make choices at the various crossroads, and most topics were around the word “choose”. It was good to do research at home or on broad, to work or to do research, series of such questions were asked and answered patiently. The editor teachers also shared their review insights for article writing. Congratulations to their success, and we looked forward to their future more brilliant! Meanwhile, we hoped more people inspiration and encouragement to realize their glory!

6(Our Dean Prof. Tong Limin is sharing experience at the workshop)

End of this fraternity, OSA student chapters in ZJU and NJU held in a simple friendship. The members exchanged of academic acquaintance, living in Nanjing and Hangzhou. The new Chairman of NJU chapter made in-depth conversation with the present and the former Chairman of ZJU, which lasted for over two hours.

7(A group photo for part of the members of ZJU chapter & NJU chapter)

On 30th, there was the second main process of academic conference: students group reports. The former chairman Xiaowei Guan gave up his usual witty style, but made the colleague audiences interested only use expertise. The presentation was relaxed, but also technical. In the subsequent competitions, member Xiaowei Guan and Fei Ding won oral presentation and poster Excellence Award respectively. At the closing dinner in evening, Chairman Lin Yang as the only doctoral representative made a speech and thanked the organizers and OSA student chapter at NJU, expressed congratulations to the success of the forum. Finally, we presented homemade souvenirs to the friendly chapter, on which the acrostic won warm applause.

89(Up: a photo of member Ding Fei won the best-poster award
Down: a joint photo of Chairmen of OSA at ZJU and NJU)


There was Nanjing one-day tour organized by NJU on 31th. The former Presidential Palace located in ancient Nanjing was our first destination, which have become the largest modern history museum. We also visited Mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen and Qinhuai River.

10(Nanjing Tour)

We continued to stay one night and returned back to Hangzhou on 1st Aug. Five days of academic visit to Nanjing came to a successful conclusion.

In summary, the doctoral forum makes sense. Firstly, through understanding of related study groups from different schools and institutes, we can learn their strengths and find our advantage, and more importantly, not only broaden our horizons, but also enhance the determination and confidence to make world-class research. secondly, the good friendship with NJU OSA student chapter lays foundation for future cooperation. Third, the all members said had enhanced lots on both academic and experience, and enjoyed.

This four-day visit is a milestone event in our chapter’s academic activities, and all participants learn a lot. It’s believed there will be more opportunities for our members and students in COER to exchange and communicate in academics. More efforts and greater value will be made for us to step out labs and others to come to our chapter.

Article is by Hongyan Liu (
Photos are by Senlin Zhang & Qiangsheng Huang


Step out Labs and Make a Different Understanding of Industries & Scientific Research

—- visit to Shanghai of OSA Student Chapter at Zhejiang University

In awaken spring, during 19-20 Mar. 2013, the student chapter of OSA at Zhejiang University organized a visit to “LASER World of PHOTONICS” in Shanghai. About twenty members of the chapter attended the exhibition. We also had the chance to visit the “Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Science (SIOM)”, and polish a happy & fulfilling exchange with the OSA student chapter at SIOM.

1(A group photo for all the attendees for the exhibition)

“LASER World of PHOTONICS” is the world’s leading trade show for optical technologies. Since 1973, it has taken place every two years in Munich, Germany. “LASER World of PHOTONICS” is the leading regional trade show for optical technologies in CHINA.

With the new World of Photonics Portal, the new information and networking platform for the photonics industry, Munich International Trade Fairs addresses the industrial and scientific communities and users of optical technologies, giving them an excellent opportunity to exchange information. The platform provides the virtual photonics community with information about events and covers the topics Business Life, Market, Products and Business Club. Participation are mostly industry renowned manufacturers, such as TRUMPF, Rofin, Staubli, ABB, Zeiss,Olympus, and so on. Many company’s products are often used in our experimental process, like the laser of the Coherent Company, microscope of Olympus.

As soon as we arrived at the halls, members could not wait to have a close look at the various new technologies and products. The exhibitioners are divided into four parts according to their research field. The many latest technology and products make everyone amazing, especially the laser processing industry. Sophisticated processing technology, unique style, warm customer negotiations atmosphere, all these let our members find everything new and fresh. Different from often staying in the laboratory, the exhibition makes us closely feel research and operation of the enterprise, what’s more, it enhances our confidence in our photoelectric industry.

The students showed high enthusiasm during the 2-hour-long visit, and the plentiful products & latest technologies used in industry seemed to draw a lot of their attention that many members were late for the deadline to get together. Although we reluctantly left the show, but the discussion still continues, the shock of the enterprise and introspection on our own scientific research also continues.

2(Some members are waiting for assemble)

As planned, we went to the SIOM to have a friendly visit in the next day. The students there gave us a warm reception and showed us around their laboratories. The research of High Power laser and Physics test device, named “Shenguang”, was mainly introduced by the host, which shocked us deeply and attracted some members to have a deep talk with the researchers there. With their accompaniment, we also visited State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics. The researchers in SIOM and us reached a consensus to have more cooperation in academic exchange.

3 4(Up: a group photo for part of the members of Zhejiang University chapter & SIOM chapter, Down: A researcher from the SIOM was introducing OPCPA experiment to our members)

According to their introducing, ShenguangⅡ high-power laser experiment device is the domestic first platform of large laser device related experiment ability, and the Shooting Range System is most closely combining the physics experiments & physical diagnosis, which has been honored as “the engineering of making an little artificial sun a big on earth “. In 2012, the technique won the the integrated operation of science and technology award of Chinese academy of sciences major infrastructure running annual meeting. In visit, our members and researcher there discussed deeply at the institute of physics experiment requirements, specific requirements of laser and drive units, etc. After the meeting, the two student chapter chairmans: Lin Yang and Shuang Liu introduced both basic situation, and learnt activity ideas from each other. Yang said:” We student chapter should make our most efforts to strive for growing communication platform of different student chapter, design activities creatively and meaningfully. Our only goal is to service our all members wholeheartedly.”

The members came back to Zhejiang University in the evening of 20 Mar. 2013. In spite of the exhausting journey, we all look forward to the exhibition next year to broaden the vision of our field, especially the technologies from the top companies. Also the visit to SIOM gave us a chance to get in touch with the research institute of CHINESE SCIENCE ACADEMY, which may have a different operation mode from the universities.

This activity is the first in this year, our members evaluate it making sense. Believe that following activities for our members and the students in the center will provide more communication opportunities, and create even greater value for all.

Article is by Hongyan Liu (

Photos are by Yaoran Sun (