An Autumn Trip to Suzhou

 On 15th October, 2016, the OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University organized an outdoor activity in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. This activity is aimed at leading our members of OSA student chapter to appreciate the beauty and culture of the ancient city.

Suzhou, a city with a long history on the shores of Lake Taihu, is well known for its beautiful bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens such as the famous Humble Administrator’s Garden. Walking on the street of ancient town, we can hear the beautiful Suzhou opera, a typical culture in China. Also, local flavors are very delicious and worth to eat.

On the first day of the traveling, we appreciated the Pan Men and Hanshan Temple. Firstly, we visited the Pan Men at the south-west of the ancient city. Pan Men, one of the eight gates of ancient Suzhou, was built at 514 B.C. to shield the city. In the presence of the old gate, we appreciated the work and intelligence of ancient people. And then, we got to the Hanshan Temple, a small but famous temple of China. In China, we all know the famous poem about the temple. With the tolling of the Buddhist Temple, the culture of the Buddhism can be appreciated. 

After a good night, we went to the Lingering Garden at the second day. Liu Yuan, one of the four most famous gardens in China and occupying an area about 5.8 acres, is located outside of the Changmen Gate. It is well-known for the exquisite beauty of its magnificent halls and various size and shapes of stones. It can represent the Chinese ancient garden art. In 1997, the garden was recorded on the list of the world heritage by UNESCO. We listened to the tour guide and appreciated the magnificent of the typical garden.

Tired but happy, members of the OSA student chapter at Zhejiang University took part in the outside activity. Through this activity, we appreciated the ancient city and culture of Suzhou and communication of the members is accelerated. 


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