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OSA (Optical Society of America) Student Chapter at Zhejiang University was established in 2006, by Professor Jianjun He, a world-known expert on optical communications. The chapter’s headquarter is located in COER (Center for Optical and Electromagnetic Research), a famous lab committed on advanced photonics in Zhejiang University, but the membership of the chapter is faced to all students in the university, whatever they are graduates or undergraduates. In the recent years, the chapter has achieved a huge leap, including recruiting more members (currently 46 of them), building more comprehensive exchange platform, holding more various activities, and contributing more to the society and teenagers.

As a student chapter of OSA, one of the most important purposes is for the members, since it is of and by the members. In the beginning of every semester, the chapter routinely recruits new members through poster and emails. The member are majoring not only in optics and photonics, but also in physics, electronics and other aspects, which helps the chapter be full of vigor and vitality, since brains with different backgrounds always spark innovative ideas. To strengthen the cohesion, the chapter frequently organizes quality development, say, live CS or group travel. The chapter also devotes much energy and funds to create chances for the members, mainly through two forms: building broad exchange platform and designing attractive activities.

“One of the most important purposes of an OSA student chapter is to try the best to create more exchange chances for the members.” This is quoted from Dr. Tingye Le, the distinguished OSA former president, when he visited the chapter in the June, 2011. Actually OSA has provided valuable chances for a student member, individually or through the chapter. Free membership can be provided from time to time and some members can be granted to attend some internal or international conferences. Until now, there have been several members enjoying the grants to attend conferences or camps launched domestically and in the US, Korea. Connections with other OSA student chapters, with student chapters of other academic organizations like IEEE/SPIE, with other universities like the Chinese University of Hongkong, have been built or kept, which dramatically broaden the members’ horizon and provide various potential exchange chances. Connection with people from a different major, like medical sciences, is necessary and important. The chapter has built a good relationship with the Medical School and successfully held many activities, including a workshop called “photonics on life”. Actually, how to combine the two promising fields in the future, the life science and photonics, is an academic hot spot. The chapter is doing more to help the members focus on this.

As a student chapter of OSA, the chapter has always been putting our responsibilities into practice, which means, contributing more to the society, especially providing more science education to the teenagers. We have built a solid relationship with Changhe middle school. Teenagers have been invited to visit the lab, learn the most advanced sciences and visit the optics-related factories with our members, through summer camps and special events.

The return was evident and fulfilling, since many teenagers are stimulated to explore their interests on sciences and technologies. After several activities designed for them, the teenagers hope to keep stronger relationship with the chapter and eager to obtain more advanced knowledge from us. On the other hand, the chapter itself and the members are readily to covey the knowledge and exciting ideas.
We believe the chapter is hopeful, since we have passionate members and responsible officers. Most critically it has been verified to be totally right, innovatively designing and organizing activities, committing to build up a broad exchange platform, and doing more for the members and the society. 

Light up the life, light up the world. The chapter is ready!

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